Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Non Itty Bitty Stairway Walk and the Non Itty Bitty Titty Party


Had coffee with a neighbor this morning, Roberta, who coincidentially happens to be a fellow psychotherapist. She was delightful, and i enjoyed her. She said she was so glad i had stopped to say hello the day before, as they all wondered if i was friendly or not, and were waiting for me to approach them. Interesting, as i was waiting for them to approach me. So this is a lesson, that merely by saying hello, i potentially made a friend.

Went into San Francisco later in the day to do a walk and to go to a party at Jay's friend, Stina.

First, the walk. Oh moan and groan and pant!!!! This was a walk! It was in the Forest Hill section of town, a beautiful, upscale part of the city. It has the largest number of homes built by Bernard Maybeck, an apparently well known architect in the 20's. His homes are indeed beautiful and unusual. They have gingerbread roofs sometimes, and oddly placed balconies and turrets. Sort of art deco, but with warmth. The other homes in this neighborhood were so lovely. i almost want to start another quest here, looking for Maybeck homes!

As i was walking, a woman was behind me, and i sort of was trying to hide the book, as i felt embarressed and thought if she were a resident, she'd resent me walking this lovely neighborhood. She caught up to me, and said, "oh, is that the Stairsways book? My husband and i bought that and are doing it." Nice surprise for me!

so this walk! Well, it wasn't the initial steps that are called the Pacheco Stairway, it was the uphill walk to them, and the 6 stairways to walk up and down that were the groaners! i think there are so many stairways in this city because it's alot easier to walk up a stairway than to walk up a hill! Anyway, it was beautiful.

it's funny, doing these, the things i notice. i'm not an observant person of my physical environment so much, being an observer of internal things. But this makes me observe. i notice the houses, and the book helps me notice the details on some of the houses. i notice the differences in the stairways---one had wavy sides to it all the way down, inviting a feeling of care for even the stairway. The houses abut the stairways, almost in people's yards.

I then panted myself back into the car, and headed for Jay and Linsdey's. On the way, i found another stairway at the end of Funston st. near Taravel. No, i did not get out, i didn't even take a picture, but it was fun to find it on Jay's old street. Jay and Linsdey were preparing snacks for their friend Stina's party. She is about to have a breast reduction, so the party was a "bye, bye titty" party! Linsdey made the above cupcakes! Jay made his (actually, My recipe, actually RUTH's recipe) of the Mexican antipasta, also with a breast theme.

The party was so nice. i really like his friends. i saw Lars and Kate, Tom E and his girlfriend here from Seattle, Sara S, Allison and Dave, Hans and Heather. I didn't stay too long, i do get nervous about driving back in the dark. i was also exhausted from the walk and the morning's jazzercize. i love his friends, and as they mature, i find we relate more on a peer level.

got home to Ella, who was hyper because she'd been alone. Tough!


general fuzz said...

We were glad that you came! Thanks for the bubbly. . .

pat haber said...

from Lorraine:

Those stairways are cool. They are a meditation. You sound like you are meditating, being in the now, on this entire trip. Maybe you'll come back to everyday life with the same appreciation for details and little joys.